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TLC creates custom reveals and kabuki drops for your event or show. Launch your new logo or reveal the guest of honor with the dramatic impact of a kabuki, or screen drop reveal.

Reveal Kabuki Reveal

SCREEN DROPS: Imagine the audience thrill when stretched fabric screens that feature lasers or a projected video or logos or lighting cues set to a dynamic audio-mix SUDDENLY DISAPPEARS from view, revealing your featured guest, CEO or product. Exciting meeting openers can make a big difference in your audiences’ impression; and adding a TLC screen or fabric drop or pull-away is a memorable show cue your guests will enjoy. TLC designed and created the LAKERS PRE-SHOW featuring a cylinder of video projected on a revealed then dropped-screen. 



DRAMATIC REVEALS: TLC adds impact and excitement at all types of events with dramatic reveals and live special effects.


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CORPORATE PRESENTATIONS: Show openers and closers, think LASERS! and PYRO! to add spice and create excitement and energy in corporate meetings and events. 


TLC creates custom kabuki drops for your event or show. Launch your new logo or reveal the guest of honor with the dramatic impact of a special effects and laser show featuring a kabuki, or screen drop.


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SHOWCASE: LEXUS SCREEN-DROPS / VICTORY MOTORCYCLE REVEAL: TLC designs unique special-effects based show experiences to captivate your audience. Victory Motorcycles launched a new motorcycle with TLC creating a box of screens suspended over a swimming pool! The show featured a soundtrack and live special effects and lighting by TLC. For Lexus TLC recently revealed a new model by dropping 4 black screens and launching streamers with a moving light climax. 


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REVEALING A NEW MALL: TLC created a spectacular simulated demolition event which revealed a building sized graphic. The event was created for media and was covered on all the local television news.




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