Xyloband Lanyards Energize Everyone with Synchronized Light

Xyloband Lanyards Energize Everyone with Synchronized Light

Connect your guests with the power of light!

Xyloband Lanyards create synchronized, immersive experiences that create energy and excitement at all kinds of events. Motivational power is amplified with live controlled light!
Intelligent options include groups of Lanyards lighting up in unique colors, and patterns of light that travel across everyone in the venue!

TLC creates unique experiences with Xyloband Lanyards, with custom programmed zones and special moments that light up different groups or areas within the event.


Synchronized Light from Intelligent LED Lanyards Creates Immersive Experiences

Xyloband Lanyards can display all colors and combinations of colors in brilliant light. The front facing lanyards are many times brighter than the wristbands due to having many more LED lights, all facing forward. 

led-lanyardsImmersive experiences of pure light, groups feel bonding and connection with each other and with the event. Media moments, such as videos, can be made more powerful by adding the light effects from Xylobands. 


Xyloband lanyards can be branded with printed logos or designs.



Xyloband Light-up lanyards feature DMX control for live and pre-programmed displays.

TLC is North America’s primary provider of Xylobands, and have created many events using the technology. If you have any questions, give TLC a call and we will be happy to share more details about Xylobands.

PDF: Creative Lighting with Xylobands
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