TLC Drones Reveal Design of Los Angeles Stadium

TLC Drones Reveal Design of Los Angeles Stadium

TLC Creative added an exciting reveal to a major press event in Los Angeles this week; unveiling the image of a brand new, soccer-specific stadium five miles south of downtown LA.

Stadium Reveal TLC Creative

The TLC reveal built up anticipation by cloaking a display and then dramatically dropping it away to reveal the image of the new stadium, to be situated at the site of the old LA Sports Arena. New drone aerial cameras from TLC Creative provided aerial views of the event.

The Los Angeles Football Club plans to construct a privately financed soccer stadium on the site of the Sports Arena in Exposition Park, and the exciting press event, was the official announcement of the project that includes the development group with Magic Johnson.

Los Angeles Soccer Stadium

The new soccer stadium was designed by Gensler, a Los Angeles-based architectural firm that recently renovated FirstEnergy Stadium in Cleveland and helped plan Sao Paulo’s Arena Corinthians, which hosted the opening match of last summer’s World Cup.

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Los Angeles Staples Center

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