Create a powerful experience with a LIVE ‘HOLOGRAM’.

TLC’s HOLOGRAPHIC TRANSPORT SYSTEM delivers impressive visual impact.


‘Beam’ a VIP from any remote location, directly to your stage or virtual event. HTS from TLC creates a remarkable impact with ‘holographic’ projection, updating the pepper’s ghost effect with modern technology. A cutting-edge display that brings people together, standing shoulder to shoulder, merged into a seamless realtime display.

The Holographic Transport System LIVE
Create a holographic display featuring live presenters captured and transmitted live as a hologram to the event from a green-screen studio. The presenter will able to see the audience and interact with them in realtime as if they are attending the event and present in the room.

Impact of a LIVE ‘HOLOGRAM’
The audience is amazed at the realistic nature of the hologram, surprised at the context of people ‘beamed’ through the air. People instantly share their experience of the technology online, helping drive social media engagement for the event. Brands benefit by being positioned as coming from an innovative and tech-forward organization.

Christmas charity event using LIVE HOLOGRAMS >>>


When busy high-profile presenters can’t be there in person, bring them to your audience as live holograms and eliminate the challenges of time and distance.

New ‘Holographic’ Technology
A modern technology approach that updates pepper’s ghost techniques into a quick set-up, reliable hologram projection system. Lightweight screens can be created at any size, with ready-made formats at 10 feet wide and 30 feet wide.

Presenters can be ‘beamed’ to multiple locations at once, bringing the impact of live holograms to audiences anywhere. Celebrities can be captured at their convenience, or broadcast to private events with the excitement of a live experience.

Other screens can be part of the show. Send the same ‘hologram’ to IMAG screens at the event, or stream your content straight to youtube. The HTS is designed for live events, with all the features expected from ordinary video. TLC will provide all the logistics for capture and display of your hologram, including adding special effects, like fog and sparks, to add impact and surprise.

IDEAS with holograms

‘OPRAH LIVE!’ – Any celeb would appreciate the convenience of using a green-screen capture to transport their ‘hologram’ to an event. The VIP, as hologram, can see and interact with the audience. Beam any live presentation to multiple display locations at once.

‘PASS THE BATON’ – Beam a presentation of a past VIP, or the founder of a company, having an exchange with a new or current executive. The hologram literally passes a baton from ‘hologram’ to reality, connecting the past and the future,

“A VISIT WITH MY FUTURE SELF” – An executive making a presentation mentions he wishes he could see the future, SUDDENLY; a hologram is revealed with the executive visiting from the future. A scripted show using a pre-recorded hologram. SEE VIDEO >>>

“A VISIT FROM LEONARDO DaVINCI” – A hologram of DaVinci speaks to the crowd, with graphics floating in the air around him. Speaking directly to the guests, answering questions, is a memorable experience.

“A VISIT FROM THE PAST” – The inventor of basketball appears on a live television show to describe how the game was started a hundred years ago. SEE VIDEO >>>

TLC provides the Hologram Transport display systems, and capture studios, for live and recorded ‘hologram’ shows. 

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