“Let’s Face It!”  Guests will stop in their tracks to get a look and listen to the message.

 TLC’s latest LED offering is bigger than life, LED Talking Face. 

Colorful graphics created by either TLC’s or your graphics department can be uploaded to create a wide array of entertainment.  Think a sci-fi movie character or a virtual attendant guiding your guests or the CEO’s visage with an audio message.  Be creative.

There is an optional LED Butterfly which creates the perfect collar below to frame the face.  The collar can complement or contrast the face with matching or contrasting messages.

Graphic changes can preload on the fly so an entire playlist of ideas can launch with the touch of a button.

Get your message out there with riveting graphics and never-before-seen technology.

Contact TLC to learn more.

Dimension of Displayer: H2.2m, w 1.48m