TLC’s R-dog – PV (Robot Dog) (Professional Version) is ready to entertain the guests at your next production. He/she is fully brandable. R-Dog can deliver a microphone or a bottle of water to the CEO on stage. R-Dog has a versatile mounting plate on the top of his back which can be adapted to whatever you can imagine. R-Dog can also pull a little wagon that can have drinks, promotional material, wine bottle, ice cream treats and whatever you could imagine.

TLC has a dual ipad mount that allows R-Dog to walk around the event so it may guide the guests or inform people. How about mounting on top of R-Dog a loud speaker/boom box, remote controlled light. We have a dancing R-Dog package that may interest you. Oh yes, we can have a complete custom outfit, what would you choose? So, whatever you can imagine TLC’s R-Dog is willing and ready sanding by with it’s wagging tail.

TLC Creative has continued to change the entertainment world with creative technology, effects and out of this world ideas, our introduction of our Robot Dogs (R-dogs) made history at their debut during this years Superbowl 57, Jason Derulo’s  performance. 8 Robot Dog dancing on stage.