Hologram Effect Excites the Eyes with Mid-Air 3D

Hologram Effect Excites the Eyes with Mid-Air 3D

Floating video, high-resolution see-thru displays, create a hologram effect that is so powerful people stop in their tracks to watch it.

Mid-air 3D visuals are so surprising that viewers often think that the holographic ‘effect’ they are seeing is a hologram floating in mid-air. It’s not a hologram, but IT IS floating in mid-air! It’s a new technology 3D LED that is completely see-thru, the holographic effect is an illusion, and the HD imagery ‘floats’ using extremely bright LED.


VIDEOS of Holographic Effects


TLC Creative is North America’s top provider of Hypervsn. TLC creates cutting-edge experiences of seeing new technology in action. Special event producers are putting the 3D displays where they get people excited, entering an event, or at registration or check-in for events.

Floating video from TLC is HD, high-resolution visuals created with very bright LEDs. The lightweight screen can be mounted almost anywhere. Supported by a cloud-based management platform, this technology allows use at almost any customer-facing location and entertainment venue, regardless of event size. Place the devices out of reach, the high-speed device cannot be touched while in action. 


Unique experiences are created with dimensional graphics designed for the Hypervsn technology. Bright, colorful LED is surprising even in the brightest indoor areas, and the 3D visuals keep viewers entranced, as they are surprised at the completely see-through display. The low-profile hardware is designed to be mounted on walls, pipes, trussing, and uses standard outlets for power.



Holograms date back to the 1970’s, and usually the viewer has to look directly at a holographic film that is brightly lit up, or multiplexed displays that rotated or showed ‘film like action’ as you passed, always looking at the film. This high-speed LED creates a mid-air 3D effect with any logos or messages. The patented technology is so bright, and see-through at the same time, viewers are mesmerized by the imagery and seeing messages floating in air!


MATRIX – Hypervsn Walls

Surprise guests with huge see-through video floating in mid-air. This eye-grabbing illusion is like nothing else.

Imagery of any size or shape can be created with a matrix of Hypervsn devices, creating unique ‘video walls’ of 3D designs and animated graphics. The holographic impact is breathtaking when seen as a large display of motion and shapes in mid-air.


     FV 6 – Single image size = 4.5 ft x 3 ft

     FV 9 – Single image size = 4.5 ft x 4.5 ft

     FV 15 – Single image size = 7.2 ft x 4.5 ft

     FV 28 – Single image size = 9.8 ft x 5.8 ft

HYPERVSN DOME – A plexiglass dome that allows placement anywhere.


Special event entrances, walkway areas, are perfect spots to grab guests attention with the stunning 3D display. Mid-Air Video is capturing attention!

Contact TLC today to experience brilliant LED that is truly see-through! TLC is also Hypervsn USA, providing the technology for sale, rentals, and leasing. TLC also creates 3D animations to help boost your brand message or logo in a way that grab attention with ‘holographic’ energy.

The correct spelling for the superior product TLC provides is ‘Hypervsn by Kino-mo’, beware of rip-off products being listed as hypervision, hyprvisn, hypervisn, highpervsn, hipervsn, hyper vision and others. Buyer beware; the imitation devices use a low-resolution, single LED strip, so the imagery is low quality, and much darker than the brilliant LED RGB provided by the original Hypervsn.



Hypervsn is available now at TLC Creative Technology, North America’s top provider of Hypervsn.

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TLC Creative provides technical production, drone racing, drone entertainment, Xylobands, live special effects and other new technologies for live events.

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