Stimulate the senses with a laser enhanced presentation from TLC

The laser experts at TLC are ready now to provide professional laser entertainment and laser effects for your production. Lasers enhance, compliment, and exaggerate message points in conference openers. Lasers add powerful visual connections from stage to everyone in the venue, all the way to the back row!
Laser beams to laser light shows; TLC's award-winning laser specialists from the music touring world, and the ‘visual-music’ laser choreography of the planetarium show era, are crafting unique Laser & special effects experiences for corporate theater, and special events of all kinds.
TLC creates amazing laser display, with over 40 years of professional laser display excellence. Laser and atmospheric effects combinations, projected animations, dynamic visual programming, creative and original laser shows that excite and inspire guests is what TLC does every day.


Laser light shows, laser effects for corporate theater, concerts, events. TLC laser experts provide award-winning custom laser show production, live special effects, and technical support for events.


Laser beams, laser aerial effects, and professional laser display services for your productions and events. Fast, efficient, effective…TLC professional laser effects are ready 24/7 for your production needs.


40 years of laser production experience, TLC creates laser animated and laser visual music using laser projection. Laser logos and graphics can be projected on almost anything! Lasers communicate using brilliant laser art set to custom soundtracks, vivid messaging in pure laser-light.


Laser light connects stage to audience and audience to stage, everyone feels directly connected to the action. LASER ARRAY systems add to the visual energy using hundreds of laser beams in rows or any shape.

Laser array also creates dimensional laser cones and laser tunnels and effects that dazzle and excite. Laser array can be mounted above the stage to create ‘parallel’ laser beams that can make unique laser display.



TLC creates laser mapping effects and site-specific laser visuals for any environment. Laser-light can be used to ‘digitally dress-up’ any wall or area with dynamic, and colorful, laser effects projected with laser mapping technology and pure visual impact.



Create special moments with laser light, dimensional laser cones, laser tunnels, and creative laser projection using laser animated graphics, and unique optical effects, laser swirls and 'Northern Lights'. TLC provides innovative approaches that will dazzle your guests with brilliant LASER LIGHT.
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March 30, 2020

Hi-Power Sky Beam Creates New Florida Landmark

Hi-Power SKY BEAM HARD ROCK GUITAR HOTEL – WATCH VIDEO       Introducing the Hi-Power SKY BEAM – Innovative laser technology Over 400 watts of brilliant […]
January 15, 2020

Fog Effects for FROZEN 2 Premiere

The Frozen 2 premiere at the El Capitan Theater in Hollywood on November 7, 2019 featured a spectacular set for the meet and greets for fans […]
November 22, 2019

Lady Gaga Video adds TLC Laser Effects to Excite the Eyes

Lady Gaga in a dimensional laser cone by TLC Creative adds to the visual energy for a new promotional spot. WATCH VIDEO: Lasers by TLC kicks […]
October 20, 2019

Light Up Event with Glowballs and Lanyards

 A hyper-colorful event featuring glowballs, lanyards and light up effects. TLC Creative provided new technology LED light effects, Glowballs for floating on water, and Xyloband […]

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