TLC Virtual Stage

On Stage Together




Virtual layers from separate locations appear in a seamless environment, combining standing presenters, live special effects, and more. Livestream securely, with lower latency than consumer streams, while presenters can see each other and interact better, allowing more spontaneity and genuine energy.


TLC sends to your stream:

                • Live feed of presenters merged together in one environment
                • Creative backgrounds and foregrounds 
                • Live special effects – confetti, sparks, lasers, pyro…


TLC experiences on the virtual stage

Put top presenters TOGETHER on the same ‘virtual stage’ for a more natural visual experience. Create a better impression at virtual meetings. More spontaneity, and better live interactions, are possible when everybody can see and hear full-standing people, professional presentations. Not little zoom boxes, a better LIVE EXPERIENCE ONLINE.


SPECIAL EFFECTS LIVE ONLINE – Confetti, lasers, sparks and streamers! TLC realtime effects in the foreground and background of your guests or presenters! LAYERS of exciting live effects, in sync with your live event, TLC creates REAL LIVE ENERGY for virtual events.




New technology streaming services for virtual events – LAYERS of picture elements.


                • Presenters appear on a 3D stage environment for exciting online experiences
                • Presenters can SEE ALL of the person, and interact with better energy
                • Add live special effects in sync with the event
                • Multi-point transmission sent securely over the internet with ultra-low latency
                • Live Stream to all popular devices
                • Live Stream feed can be integrated with all virtual event apps and platforms



Create SPECIAL virtual experiences



UNIQUE, ENGAGING, and EXCITING events online.

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