Unique Video Displays Surprise With Creative Shapes

Unique Video Displays Surprise With Creative Shapes

New technology LED video with flexible panels creates unlimited video shapes.

TLC provides shaped LED VIDEO displays such as circles, curves, wavy strips, globes, and unusual formats.  The CIRCLE LED is an 81 inch tall, stand-alone display puts brilliant video at eye-level on a large CIRCLE of LED. 

Circle LED with Mid-Air 3D Floating Video

CIRCLE LED VIDEO – The Circle LED display includes an interface that allows text programming, and playback of layers of text and video. Shaped video displays are great for surprising visuals and great entrance impressions. 


> MORE VIDEO HERE > Circle LED & Floating Video in action >

The Circle LED is assembled on an eye-level, stand-up display, and messages and content are easily updated.

  DISPLAY HEIGHT = 81.25 inches
  LED outside diameter 51.5 inches
  LED inside diameter = 32.5 inches
  LED depth = 4 inches
  Stand below Circle = 29.25


Curved LED video displays, created with soft-pixel-panels, are dimensional ways to get attention in any environment. TLC also provides wireless video panels, mid-air 3D floating video, and other surprising ways to present content to your guests. Contact TLC for more information.

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