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TLC provides Fog Bursts and Effects for your show or events.


TLC creates high-energy excitement with FOG BURST effects for dramatic visual impact. FOG JETS can be used in a variety of ways to punctuate stage moments, crescendos and climaxes! Create a burst of white fog that dissipates extremely fast, or lingers. The blast of fog comes from a small device that can be added to sets or stages in many ways.

TLC creates FOG EFFECTS for live TV shows, media productions, and at corporate events, meetings, and special events and shows of all kinds. TLC knows atmospheric effects and their unique requirements, getting the best possible visual impact and audience excitement. FOG BURST EFFECTS, like all atmospheric effects, benefit from effective lighting indoors, and can do creative fog bursts in shape, size, and timing. Lighting creates color on the white fog, generating unique fog looks by changing lighting.


Beautiful, soft fog flows low along the floor, stage or set. The LOW LYING FOG technology features dense 'cold' fog that gently flows over objects or set pieces. New technology fog machines and fog effects can create very dense low-level fog. Stage performances are enhanced with the subtle and 'magical' appearance of low fog moving, and interacting with performers, and with light.

TLC low-lying FOG effects for the FROZEN II premiere in Hollywood. FROZEN PREMIERE VIDEO >

EVENT ENTRANCES: For event guests, the sensation of walking on the clouds is amazing. Another world is offered to them as they enter a space dressed with this beautiful special effect.

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