Green Screen

The Magic of Hollywood!

Green Screen Studios and PortaStudioKit™ backdrops allow our videos to feature content that eliminates the user’s background and immersive your talent and objects on any background, in any location, anywhere in the world…. or even.. out of this world.

Go Green….Screen.

Green Screen Studio Cyc Walls allow for a more immersive production experience including the ability to allow more talent and objects to all be in the same shot and captured with high-quality video production equipment and professional audio.

A great shot and proper background removal require proper lighting.  We make sure from portable to studio green screen studios are properly lit both the background green and the foreground talent and objects.

TLC offers full production and post services

From scouting to color grading, we cover it all.

We offer live mobile background tracking so you can interact with mobile environments across the world.

Virtual Layers for a Virtual Stage. Merging the virtual background, with remote talent shot in a green screen studio or at home with our PortaStudioKits™, and adding composite elements such as titles, animations, and interactive elements, we bring new meaning to the world, innovative.

360™ Interactive Video

With TLC’s Immersive Green Screen Experiences, we can also transform talent into 360 worlds. Imagine you are broadcasting to a Live VR audience and want your hosts and artists to interact with fans in 3D-Space.

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