VR experiences are thrilling and engaging for guests of all ages. Full immersion into environments, games, and unique applications is at the cutting-edge for experiential events. TLC Creative provides the technology in all the formats currently available, provides the hardware and large monitors for sharing the experience with others. TLC’s digital production team also creates original VR and AR apps for events.

Live interaction – VR glasses are worn by the participants, with screens sharing the experience to the crowd.

VR staging stations for events is as varied as there are unlimited games and experiences. From TILT BRUSH and first-person shooters, to sports and art experiences customized to your audiences. Think outside the box when it comes to 360, anything is possible.


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* Interactive games (all the sports, basketball, golf, and shooter and adventure games)

* Monitor flat screens share the VR action showing the participants point of view.

* Player against player.

* Multiple VR stations: 10, 20, 30 or more

Multi-player VR stations that come as set pieces add excitement.




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