TLC Creates 3D Excitement at INDY 500 with Holographic Displays

TLC Creates 3D Excitement at INDY 500 with Holographic Displays

Hypervsn floating video hologram effect - TLC Creative

TLC created new large-scale ‘holograms’ using Hypervsn technology at INDY 500 this weekend. The floating video displays are grabbing attention with exciting 3D graphics floating in mid-air.


INDY 500 is one of the worlds biggest gatherings, getting over 300,000 race fans each year. There are also many special events and parties celebrating the occasion. Danica Patrick, the Go Daddy racer, is doing her final race at this years INDY 500.



Floating video by TLC Creative is surprising people with the rich, vibrant look of bright LED video literally floating in mid-air. Videos and photos cannot capture the unique look of Hypervsn, it has to be seen in person to experience the ‘holographic’ effect.


• 3D holographic impact & visual excitement, imagery floating in mid-air

• Instant WOW – viewers are surprised to see new technology

• Its not a hologram, Hypervsn is a new technology LED screen

• Hypervsn is full high-resolution HD, rich visual detail, a vastly superior image quality compared to the single blade devices that have very low resolution and brightness

• Hypervsn is much BRIGHTER – with advanced LED – many times more LEDs, and much brighter than the low-res screens

• Blended Matrix displays create ‘holographic’ imagery up to 10 feet wide


The Indy 500 Snake Pit concert is featuring GRiZ, Diplo, Axwell Λ Ingrosso, Deadmau5.

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Hypervsn by Kino-Mo is available now at TLC Creative Special Effects, North America’s top provider of Hypervsn.

> Hypervsn Floating Video – PDF

> Consider the VIEW beyond the screen

> Blended Matrix Hypervsn Displays – Wall Sizes

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